Battle of the Bands Rules, Regulations, & Scoring Criteria

These are the rules governing the JamFest Battle of the Bands, and the scoring criteria we will use to select winners. All participants should read these carefully, and ensure all aspects of their audition application, music video, and live performance comply.
Contest Rules:
  1. PRIZES: A total of $10,000 (the “Prize”) will be awarded to the winners, as follows:

    1st Place:  $5,000.00
    2nd Place:  $2,500.00
    3rd Place:  $1,000.00
    Runner Up 1:  $500.00
    Runner Up 2:  $500.00
    Runner Up 3:  $500.00
  2. A "Performer" consists of many different things. For this event, we require both instrumental and vocal performances; a band/group of 8 or a solo act, both are allowed as long as they sing and play at least one acoustic or electric instrument (i.e., guitar, bass, acoustic drums/percussion, etc). Round 1 video auditions are not required to have an instrument in the video audition. If a Performer gains enough votes to advance to Round 3 the Performer must be ready to have at least one live instrument as part of the Performance or be disqualified.

  3. Bands must submit the entry form found on

  4. All entrants must submit an audition video of at least 2 minutes but not to exceed 3 minutes and 15 seconds, that is of HD quality, with all speech and musical accompaniment clear and distinguishable. All bands shall provide a link to this audition via YouTube or Vimeo (see submission page).

  5. *Keep in mind this is an “ALL AGES EVENT” and all material MUST be appropriate. Lyrics must not contain any language or subject matter that would be deemed "obscene, indecent and profane" during auditioning or at the time of performance if chosen as a finalist.

  6. Bands to compete for prizes at the live event will be selected by online voting in two phases as follows:

    • Round 1 – Registered voters are allowed 1 vote every 5 days per registered email address. No more than 3 votes can come from the same ip address in a one week period.

    • Round 2 – The top 100 bands selected by registered voters will compete in Round 2 of JamFest Battle of the Bands Contest. All contestants will start with 0 votes in Round 2. Registered voters are allowed 1vote every 3 day per registered email address. No more than 3 votes can come from the same ip address in a one week period.

    • Round 3 – The top 25 bands selected in Round 2 will advance to Round 3 and compete on St Patrick’s Day, Friday, March 17, 2017 in Downtown, St Petersburg, Florida.

    • Top 25 bands selected in Round 2 will compete on March 17, 2017 in St Petersburg, Florida.

  7. Your band must be prepared to play a 3-song set not to exceed 15 minutes.

  8. Not following these guidelines is grounds for immediate removal and disqualification from the show as deemed by the JamFest Committee/Judges Panel.

  9. All competing bands are strongly encouraged to promote spreading the word regarding the JamFest Battle of the Bands event and related festival activities as crowd interaction and response will be part of the judging criteria.

  10. Any deliberate, distasteful behavior, and/or damage to the venue grounds or surrounding equipment or supplies, will result in automatic disqualification. Responsible parties will be penalized to the fullest extent of the law including the recouping of fees for damaged property.

  11. The JamFest Committee will not be held accountable for any broken equipment, injuries, or any other negative occurrences outside of our staff’s control.

  12. Judging is done on a 1 - 5 scale by 3 judges for a total of 15 points. The 4 criteria on which the bands will be judged are explained below.

  13. Judging Scale and Criteria:
    1. Music - This criterion is based on clarity, lyrical content and overall musical performance.

    2. Stage Presence and Crowd Interaction - This criterion is based on how well the band "rocks out" and how well the band connects with the crowd.

    3. Appearance and Personality - This criterion is based on the overall look and personality. If you want to be a rock star, you need to look the part!

    4. Crowd Reaction - The key ingredient to rock stardom: THE FANS! Cheering and Applause will be monitored.

Voting rules and best practices

What are the limits?

We don’t limit the number of votes a contestant can have. However, we do monitor how aggressively voters, vote for contestants. We try to make sure that none of our limits restrain reasonable usage, and will not affect most JamFest: Battle of the Bands contestants.

We monitor all accounts for aggressive voting and voting churn (repeatedly voting and voting for large numbers of other contestants). You can read more about these below, but if you don’t vote for yourself or other contestants hundreds of times, and you aren’t using automated methods of voting for contestants, you should be fine.

Please note that JamFest: Battle of the Bands does not permit any automated or bulk voting or suspicious voting behavior.

What is aggressive voting?

Aggressive voting is defined as indiscriminately voting from email accounts just to garner votes. However, voting for a few contestants that seem interesting is normal and is not considered aggressive.

Why does JamFest: Battle of the Bands monitor following behavior at all? Isn’t this a contest?

Limits on JamFest: Battle of the Bands alleviate some of the strain on the invisible part of JamFest: Battle of the Bands, which prevents error pages and downtime on the visible part. For the sake of reliability, we've placed limits on actions like following, API requests per hour, and number of updates per day.

Finally, voter violations are one tactic that spammers often use to abuse JamFest: Battle of the Bands. Monitoring for abuse is one way to reduce spam on JamFest: Battle of the Bands.

What are third party applications to “Get More Followers Fast!”?

You may encounter websites or applications claiming they can help you get lots of votes quickly. These programs may ask for payment for votes, or ask you to follow a list of other users in order to participate. Using these is not allowed according to the JamFest: Battle of the Bands Rules.

  • The JamFest: Battle of the Bands Rules addresses the use of these programs by disallowing: using or promoting third-party sites that claim to get you more votes (such as voter trains, sites promising ‘more voters fast,’ or any other site that offers to automatically add voters to your account).

When these applications do add votes to your account, they are often abandoned or bot accounts that are not active. If a third-party application causes your account to violate the JamFest: Battle of the Bands Rules, your account may be suspended.

Some third-party applications have been implicated in spam behavior, fraud, the selling of usernames and passwords, and phishing. Please do not give your username and password out to any third-party application that you have not thoroughly researched.

So how am I supposed to get votes?

Remember, JamFest: Battle of the Bands is a contest that promotes unsigned muscians. If you interact with social media users that you’re interested in and post meaningful content, it’s more likely that legitimate social media users will find you and vote for you. People on social media follow other users that follow @JamFest_Live to read updates that are interesting to them. Aggressively voting for contestants is frustrating to other JamFest: Battle of the Bands users and degrades the JamFest: Battle of the Bands experience for everyone.